About - Surf Code
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How It All Began

Surf Code is the culminate of 33 years experience of surfing in Algarve, and in 2002 Miguel, the head coach decides to share all his knowledge with travellers from all over the world who are looking to learn or improve their surf skills.

The words hospitality, safety, professionalism and fun are on the top of our vocabulary!

Along these 15 years of surf teaching, we invest time and effort in the technical and pedagogical formation of our coaches achieving Level I and Level II surf coach certifications (the highest Portuguese level at the moment) from the Portuguese Surfing Federation, which allowed us to develop our own methodology of teaching, the right one for a quicker and correct progression.

Surf Code is not a school mass, we care about you, and we believe small groups get better results ally with safety concerns.


Hi, I’m Miguel, born in Lisbon and this is how surf becomes a part of my life... It was 1980 when my parents bought a summer house in Carrapateira, a small village on the west coast of Algarve, inside the Costa Vicentina Natural Park. At the time, my father main sport was spearfishing, and those beaches, Amado and Bordeira were perfect to spend relaxing holidays doing what he loved more. By the time, I didn't know how lucky I was, to have two of the best European surfing beaches right there. A normal day was at the beach snorkelling and swimming, but it wasn't enough, so I saw some German windsurfers using their boards to surf ...WOW... That image stayed in my mind...

A few years later, a friend of mine bought a surfboard in Lisbon, so those summer holidays I have my first contact with the sport, it was amazing. By the time we didn't have wetsuits but we didn’t care, we were having the time of our lives... Yeah, that's right, I have to have my own surfboard, so when I was 8, my parents bought me a brand new double-wing swallow twin fin Semente surfboard, I will never forget that psychedelic paint job...

At 14, I bring the board to Lisbon and start surfing also during the winter, at 15 I was already competing and was invited to join the Surfing Club Portugal team, the oldest surf club in Portugal. There, I ‘ve met older and experienced top surfer’s who guided me along the way, gave me important lessons about friendship, respecting others and making them respect you, believing in yourself and overcoming your achievements. Surfing gave me auto-confidence and self-respect, values for life…

Some of my best results:

  • European Interclub’s Champion 2004 (Open Category)
  • A.B. Surf Club Sintra Circuit Vice-Champion 2003 (Open Category)
  • Portuguese Cup Vice-Champion 2004 (Open Category)
  • 1º Place Lisbon Interclub’s 1994 (Cadet Category)
  • 1º Place A.B. Surf Club Sintra (Open Category)
  • 2º Place Surfing Club Portugal 1994 (Cadet Category)
  • 2º Place Surfing Club Portugal 1995 (Cadet Category)
  • 3º Place Surfing Club Portugal 1994 (Cadet Category)
  • 3º Place Volcom Rumble fish 2005 (Open Category)
  • 3º Place Jogos de Cascais 2003 (Open Category)

I’ve studied:

  • Advanced Technology Vehicles Program
  • Introduction Accountability
  • Life Guard and Rescue Techniques
  • PADI Scuba-Diving
  • Surf Instructor Level – I (beginner, intermediate level)
  • Surf Instructor Level – II (high-level, competition)
  • with the Portuguese Surfing Federation Team (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Vice-World Champions in ISA World Surfing Games)